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One Hour Enamel Veronica Vaughn 946ml

One Hour Enamel Veronica Vaughn 946ml

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One Hour Enamel (OHE) industrial strength waterborne paint finish.  Ideal for cabinets and front doors.

OHE is an incredibly tough fast dry acrylic enamel for interior and exterior use on surfaces that require quick return to service and an abrasion resistant finish.  It is water thinned so it poses no fire hazard or objectionable odour.  The product is based on a specialised acrylic resin that dries quickly to a tough, durable film that has excellent weather, blocking and abrasion resistance among with superior adhesion properties.  With its quick dry, quick sand and quick recoat times OHE helps you get the job done faster then conventional acrylic finishes.  The products superior resistance to blocking meant that you will be able to put doors and windows back in service much quicker than with competitor acrylic finishes.  

OHE has a touch durable finish that is truly cutting edge.  It’s technology utilises one is the strongest acrylic resins paired with superior synthetic pigments.  It is an absolutely an industrial strength finish.

1. Ceramic like hardness

2. Ceramic like durability 

3. Stone like hardness

When using OHE it is imperative that for best results that the item it is being applied to is absolutely clean from any residues  ( grime, oil, dust- anything), by washing down with a top grade degreaser followed by a wash down with clean water. Allow to dry completely, repeat if necessary.  Following this we highly recommend using the Wise  Owl Stain Eliminating Primer to strengthen adhesion and help prep the surface.  



Should you wish to know more about the material of the product or items used in the refinishing process please contact us.

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