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Majestic mayhem

Majestic mayhem

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{available} $590 Majestic Mayhem

From word go, Majestic Mayhem wanted to be something different. He didn’t want to be pretty or colourful, he wanted to be bold, strong, proud, to stand out from the crowd, after all he is related to Ebony, Stallion and Black night and he was always being compared so now was his time to make his mark.

He needed his beautiful markings to become his trademark and his two toned black colour variation to be loved and adored by all.

Majestic Mayhem is more then just what you see, he is not plan and discreet for he is glorious and majestic.

We have photographed him in various ways so you can his Individuality coming forth. With the chairs You may decide to keep the backrest off for a real industrial vibe or you may decide to attach the back as we have done to two chairs for comfort. We haven’t attached all - being they are new we like to keep the boxes where possible.

As always pics in comments.

Circumference 105cm


Should you wish to know more about the material of the product or items used in the refinishing process please contact us.

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