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{Available} $490 Cinderella

What do you think of when you think about Cinderella? Is that she was treated badly? That she had a fairy godmother? Perhaps her beautiful blue dress?

When we picked this gorgeous sideboard up I knew how easy it would be to make her sleek and elegant but I also wanted the challenge of making her more then “traditionally” beautiful. I guess I wanted to be this pieces Fairy Godmother and bring out its inner beauty, just like Cinderella.

I wanted to take the traditional colour scheme and the traditional sense of elegant and add my little twist- in the end I think I got there. My version of Cinderella is beautiful, old world ( just like the tale) and a little grungy to showcase her life when she wasn’t the princess.

Measuring approx
L 132cm
W 42cm
H 82cm / 114cm

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