So by no means am I am expert, I mean I had to google what to put in a blog, let alone a Vlog, which  my 10 year daughter pretends to make all the time, but I am desperately going to try and help people more with their journey in this fun world.  I am a creature of habit and trying to keep up with technology and the ever changing world is going to be new to me- and I am only 39 years young, and once upon a time understood this world, but now a days I feel alot older then I am in the world of technology.

I am even going to try and do a You Tube Channel!  Say what?  Yep (now is Youtube one word or two?).  But I will keep you all posted on that.  

Obviously most of Blogs will be about what I do in the world of Upstyling but I have no doubt I will slip one in here and there on subjects that aren't related.  I don't mean any harm or foul and if you don't agree thats fine-what a boring world we would live in, if we all lived the same boring life, having the same boring ideals.  Please feel free to leave comments if you wish.  I would love to read your thoughts and feedback as well.