Collection: Upstyled furniture

We absolute love to get creative when we can by recreating a piece to be individual and creative.  We thank you for supporting our small business and would like to invite you to read our terms and conditions on your purchase of Upstyled furniture -

😊All of our Upstyled furniture is preloved and whilst we do our absolute best to make it everything you would expect, the fact is, it will have its own lumps and bumps; it’s own flaws- that makes it imperfectly perfect.  For this reason we do not refund or exchange on purchases from this range.  They are accepted as is.

😊We Do not hold finished pieces longer then 5 days. If not picked up within 5 days of receiving payment ( regardless of full payment or deposit) you forfeit the funds and the piece will be advertised again. 

😊If you wish to hold a piece you are required to pay a non refundable deposit equal to a minimum of 20% of the total sale price.  Again it must be picked up within 5 days. 

😊 We may be able to help with transportation to your areas, however additional fee will be incurred.  Please note that as the  purchaser you or a nominee  must be able to assist with loading and unloading and we are not liable for any damages incurred during this transit.

😊 Please take note of care instructions given at sale.  To summarise, we ask that you do not use any chemicals when cleaning, you keep the finished piece out of direct sunlight; you take care when transporting the piece; you take 30 days of “extra care” as The first 30 days are when the piece is most vulnerable.  In this time if not looked after you may notice signs of wear quicker.