More a diary entry, a gentle reminder of 2020.

So full disclosure to anyone who reads my Blog.  This is sincerley just me having a rant, perhaps a keyboard warrior moment, but I feel my blog is a safe place to do it.  Perhaps not my small business blog but since I don't keep a diary nor have a personal space I am going to put it here and be proud of it. It isn't paint related and honestly you won't learn a thing from it-except my overly expressed opinion. 

I have thought over and over whether to post it or not.  Will it get people upset, will it cause issues.  So if you read this, take from it what you will-if thats nothing so be it.  I just couldn't bring myself delete it.  Worse case scenario imagine you have opened up my diary and your reading my thoughts on the months that have been..

WOW oh WOW what a year it has been!  Personally its been a pretty average year to start with-thats not including whats happening outside of my little shell, but lets go ahead and throw that in to the equation and this year has been pretty bloody below average.  The thing is, I know I am preaching to the Choir, no one I know has found this year a tremendous year.  In general -I won't bore with my personal ups and downs (though one or two points may slip in there) butlets start at the start-lets start with the bush fires.  Australian Bush fires made Epic news.  They were devastating.  Even in our smallish ruralish city (great English right there), we had Bushfires that were just straight out scary.  We live near the local airport so more often then not instead of listening to the radio while we worked we would look to the sky in ore of the water bombers soaring over our roof to get to the next out of control fire.  The sadness that surrounded this topic was in its self engulfing.  Insurance Companies not paying out, people not insured in the first place, lives lost, animals lost and so much more sadness yet to come.  The unprecedented Bush fires of 19/20 finally came to an end 31 March 2020.

March you say?  While the bush fires were ending, the media was ramping up its firestorm on COVID -19.  We have all probably heard about it going back as early as January in some capacity or another.  I know for sure that by the end of March my kids had already started there extended school holidays.  A decision I didn't take lightly, but with one of my parents relying heavily on my family, I couldn't risk any sort of infection.  This was the beginning of nearly 11 weeks of 4 people, (2 adults and 2 children ) living in a very small home-where sometimes it felt like we couldn't even breathe without the other stealing our oxygen. It was in the end fine.  We all survived.  We didn't end up as one of the sad stories on the news that had fallen ill to the virus, or domestic violence or drinking or any of the other horrible stories that came from the lock down-so to complain would just be wrong. 

What I can say is I truly truly did miss in this time was..... me.  I missed being me, I missed expressing me-in a nutshell I missed painting.  I didn't realise until now how much I relied on painting to vent, to share my emotions, my stories, my ups and my downs.  I didn't realise until just recently but my furniture and the story that each peice told reflected how I was feeling on that day.  My mood, my cry for attention or perhaps gratitude or even a pat on the back.  The funny thing I noticed (on looking back) that the ones I put my heart and soul into are the ones that get the less acknowledgement BUT ultimately they all find their new homes and here, here is where it will create a new story, a new life with its new owner.  

So back to 2020, lets jump out of March and into April/May.  I am not painting as much as I have, home school is happening, hubby is working from home and I am desperately trying to work the small business angle.  At this stage the world has basically been split into two groups-regardless of colour, religion, gender-those who are critical of the virus and those who are not.  People are scared, people are in return being greedy, spiteful and in cases harming others-and for what?  Toilet paper?  People please...

We are at the end of May.  School went back-oh but guess what!  My son and hubby get the most horrific gastro bug I have seen-so guess what?  Yep home for another week.  Only three weeks are left to the Winter school holidays (which are just about over as I write this blog tonight).  Then May 25th happens.  You remember just reading now about me saying that the virus didn't effect our humanity nor spirit and it didn't matter if you were a certain race, religion or what have you?  Well on May 25th George Floyd was killed, no murdered by a police officer of the Minneapolis Police Department.  The world went crazy.  " Black lives matter" was everywhere, Trump was doing absolutely nothing-except continuing to embarrass his country by his lack of nothing.  This event/murder -call it what you will sent shock waves through the world.  You didn't even hear of the virus.  There was marches and protests.  There was violence, there was mayhem.  There was also unity and strength in knowing that what was being fought for was equality.  Some argue that the fight was strong but George Floyd was not victimless-he had many wrong choices in life.  He was most certainly not a role model  but I personally believe this was a battle, a stance that needed to be stood.  The protests reached England, Australia and countless other countries.  There was peaceful protests and there was non peaceful protests and after all that is said and done-was there any positive outcome?  Not that I am aware of.  People lost lives, small ma and pa business were broken into and destroyed, violence lead instead of action and in return nothing was rewarded.  I do personally hope that one day and one day sooner rather then later that we can see past colour.  That peoples ignorance isn't so strong and leading.  I pray that my children can live in a world where colour is seen for what it is -its beauty.  We adore colour in a flower, in a piece of art so why is this any different? 

Ok so I am getting way to politcal now.  Back to May 2020.  Protests are happening as I mentioned.  In Australia, the state leaders are allowing these protests to happen (whilst limiting number of people at funerals - go figure). Two, three weeks have passed.  Australia was looking good.  Scomo was getting praise from most for his action in locking down Australia.  Schools were back, some borders are still closed but all in all, we are looking successful.  But wait...whats this?  A rise in cases?  But how?  In Victoria?  Where people were protesting, not caring about social distancing, not wearing masks, not taking into account anything we had learnt and lived for the last 3 months.  How could that be (wish i could insert an emoji here of me slapping my head).  1 month on from the outbreak  and we are reaching ceiling numbers Australia had not seen before and borders begin to close AGAIN.  Toilet paper is becoming pure gold again and Australia may have just lost any lead we had against this virus.  Its not going anywhere and we as the human race made damn sure of that.  Ok once again probably to political.

As the title gives away this isn't regarding my business, nor paint its probably a gentle reminder of what we have all been through this year.  We have all been witnesses to events that they say will not happen.  This did happen though and in return people have and will continue to suffer.  No matter your personal beliefs on so many issues raised on this blog, be smart, be mindful, be loving and be caring.  You only have one life, as does the person of colour sitting next to you,  as does the person you deny that roll of toilet paper to.  We are equals.  Live your life to the fulliest-what ever level of " full " that is.  Be happy- create memories and be mindful of others.  On that note-if your reading this I am putting down the computer to be happy, create memories and paint.  Sweet dreams all...






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