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More a diary entry, a gentle reminder of 2020.

So full disclosure to anyone who reads my Blog.  This is sincerley just me having a rant, perhaps a keyboard warrior moment, but I feel my blog is a safe place to do it.  Perhaps not my small business blog but since I don't keep a diary nor have a personal space I am going to put it here and be proud of it. It isn't paint related and honestly you won't learn a thing from it-except my overly expressed opinion.  I have thought over and over whether to post it or not.  Will it get people upset, will it...

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Updating Slate Tiles

Ok so firstly can i start by acknowledging that writing a blog is hard.  Funnily enough I don't mean coming up with content to put in the blog.  Anyone that knows me - knows I can talk under water and relaying that to paper (or screen isn't hard) however what is hard is this working, parenting, wifing and schooling from home.  We live in a small modest 3 bedroom home -don't get me wrong I love our home but when we are literally living on top of each other each day- i question why we ever downgraded from our previously ridiculously...

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Blogs and me

Why we hold sales

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