Wise Owl Paints

Not only do we refinish our pieces in quality enamel water based paint but we also stock and sell these amazing products for you to use as you desire.

  • Mulberry Papers

    Thicker than tissue, has a fibrous consistency. 

    Mulberry Decoupage Papers:

    Created from renewable mulberry paper, our Papers are designed especially for furniture makers, with so many advantages you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

    - Innovative, created especially for furniture use.
    - Handmade, artisanal quality can be seen and felt.
    - Easy to apply - especially for beginners.
    - Wrinkle-free application.
    - Very forgiving product.
    - Iron-free decoupage application.
    - Can be applied over curves to look more seamless.
    - Repositionable after applying a decoupage product for the perfect fit, without tearing or wrinkling.
    - Amazing high-quality mulberry paper.
    - More durable - less risk of damage on furniture.
    - Realistic designs - like a real painting, not just a print.
    - Gorgeous texture! Looks like palette and brush strokes.
    - Rich colours - all the way through.

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  • Transfers

    Explore the many possibilities of transforming your home with our Decor Transfers. Exceptionally detailed, gorgeously composed and effortlessly easy to apply, these transfers will transform your living space. Use on walls, furniture, wood, doors and many more surfaces. The possibilities are endless. Includes one transfer. Please note, transfer may be cut into pieces for easy application.

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  • Stick N Style Stencils

    These are brand new stencil rolls that have an adhesive backing and are disposable.Cut a strip to the length you need, use multiple times, then discard for easy cleaning. Six styles to choose from. Use with wax, paint, chalk paste, icing paste. Adhesive helps prevent leakage to the back.

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  • Moulds

    Breathe new life into your furniture, walls, and more with our redesign decor moulds. Our heat resistant moulds offer endless creativity with unique & detailed pieces. Use them with paper clay, ceramic clay, resin, candy/chocolate and more. food safe and heat resistant.

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